2019 Theory of Computing

Alex and Lena are involved in teaching COSC341 Theory of Computing.

Complete set of lectures (first half of the semester) is being continuously updated and will be finalised before the final exam. These slides do not have all the material delivered during the lectures. Yes, you are supposed to attend them.

Individual lectures:

Exercises Solutions
Tutorial 1: Sets and functions Solutions 1
Tutorial 2: Equivalence relations Solutions 2
Tutorial 3: Cardinality Solutions 3
Tutorial 4: Automata Solutions 4
Tutorial 5: Deterministic and non-deterministic automata Solutions 5
Tutorial 6: NFA = DFA Solutions 6
Tutorial 7: Pumping Lemma Solutions 7
Tutorial 8+9: more Pumping Lemma Solutions 8+9
Tutorial 10: Pushdown automata and context free grammars Solutions 10
Tutorial 11: Regular Languages, Pumping Lemma 2 Solutions 11
Assignment 1 Solutions
Assignment 2 Solutions

2018 Guest Lectures