Alex will give a talk on our three recent publications that deal with fitness landscapes and incomplete data. The talk is about detecting interactions in biallelic systems when no fitness measurements are available. This situation is typical in, for example, competition or survival experiments, when the only certain information is of the type “genotype A has higher fitness than genotype B”. Surprisingly many questions about genomic interactions, including higher-order, can be answered using this type of data. As we have seen in our recent collaboration with the Ludington lab, these methods are applicable well beyond genetics. Mathematically, we comprehensively settle the question of when partial fitness orders imply interactions.

With this talk, Alex will open the Portobello 2018 conference this year on Monday 12 February at 9am. If you are interested in positions at our lab, do come to Alex’s talk to learn more about our research and chat in an informal setting.

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