We are stoked to announce that MBIE has recently funded two of our research programmes.

First, we are starting an exciting collaboration with Alexei Drummond, Sarah Diermeier, and Rob Lanfear to develop and implement a phylodynamics software platform for evolutionary analyses of somatic sequencing data, funded by the MBIE Endeavour (Smart Ideas) fund. Jiří is already working on the project and we are keen to hire up to three PhD students (based in Dunedin, Auckland, or Canberra) and at least one postdoc (based in Dunedin or Auckland) to take this project to the next level. If that is you, please get in touch.

Second, the MBIE Data Science programme, which involves a significant biological data science component, has received $10,000,000 to develop New Zealand data science capabilities. All projects led or co-led by our lab have received support within this programme, so stay tuned for opportunities or approach us straight away if online algorithms in computational biology is your cup of tea.

Exciting year so far and we are ready for the challenge!